Refreshing my digital presence

1 05 2010

My, it’s been awhile, hasn’t it?  I’ve allowed my digital presence to get dusty… or at least this corner of it.  Of course, I think half the reason I’m posting right now is that it’s in the mid-70s and I have a serious amount of digging to look forward to, to put in my bee bed (by which I mean flowerbed featuring plants that attract bees, not a… well… do bees sleep? (No.))

I’ve been thinking about that a great deal recently… the increasingly fractured “presence” we have in the world.  One of the celebrities I follow on Twitter recently announced that he was going to be dropping his Twitter presence in favor of Tumblr, the latest in microblogging, because it would allow him to share more with an equally easy-to-access format.

It got me thinking about how much of a sprawl my own “presence” is turning into.  There’s my physical presence, of course– me, my office, my home, my car.  Then we start moving into less personal presences– my phone (land and cel), my mailing address.  But things really blow up when we move into virtual presences: my email addresses (3 that I use regularly, and more that I don’t), my blogs (4 and counting), Facebook, Twitter, chat, IRC (yes, I’m old-fashioned that way), Flickr, YouTube, wishlist, multiple gaming accounts (some with multiple avatars), multiple forum and wiki accounts, online store accounts, online bank accounts… and that’s not even going into the big, muddy digital footprints I leave all over the place when I search the web, both for library and personal use.  (I suspect Amazon has my personal preferences down as “highly eclectic” at this point.)

I’m supposed to manage all of this somehow?  The more I list, the more daunting it seems.  I can understand the desire to move to a site that promises to consolidate at least some of that, but.. I go (online) where my work and my friends are.  I know I’m not likely to abandon Twitter or any of my blogs just because I’ve added something else.  All I’ll be doing is fracturing myself a little bit more.  Help, I want my virtual integrity back!